In the Galleries

Plan a trip to a local gallery to appreciate work from a variety of perspectives. The following are just a few examples; see more galleries in the Bay Area here.

“The Continuous Thread” at San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery through December 14


Last year San Francisco made history by removing Early Days, a historically inaccurate sculpture that perpetuated racist settler colonial myths. One year later, The Continuous Thread, a spectacular citywide initiative developed from the same efforts, features this epic photography exhibition focused on elevating our past, present, and future Indigenous communities and histories.  See details.

Katherine Tzu Lan-Mann: “Spool” at Dolby Chadwick Gallery through November 30


Mann’s paintings sit at the nexus of multiple worlds, occupying that in-between space where landscape drifts toward abstraction and back again. Layers of stylized foliage, traces of the geologic, and suggestions of rain and water-logged terrain coalesce as dazzling, feverish energy.  See more.


Kelly Ording “Chroma” at pt.2: Gallery in Oakland through December 6


Kelly Ording’s wonderfully graphic paintings, drawings, collage, and prints are wonderfully soothing. Her public artworks are constituted by bold graphic lines, geometric forms, and spot on colorist instincts. This solo exhibition promises new work; check out the artist's reception on November 9th.  See details.

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