Closing Soon: Don't Miss These Gallery Shows Ending in August

As summer draws to a close on the calendar so do these exhibits at local galleries. Make plans to see them before they're gone. See all gallery shows in our comprehensive calendar.

“Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs” at African American Art & Culture Complex through August 31


This smart mixed-media group exhibition considers the lingering impact of the U.S. government’s war on drugs, the propaganda used to enact punitive policies that disproportionately impacted communities of color, the present-day evolution of cannabis policies and the growing research that supports its healing, therapeutic and socially valuable possibilities.  Learn more.

“Likenesses” at Haines Gallery through August 31


Haines Gallery presents a group exhibition bringing together works by seven contemporary artists from around the world to explore the conventions, possibilities and limits of portraiture. An early self-portrait by San Francisco legend Mike Henderson doubles as a telling portrait of 1960s San Francisco, while Taha Heydari’s paintings similarly capture the mood leading up to the Iranian revolution.  See details.


“Summertime” at Jenkins Johnson Gallery through August 31


Gordon Parks, Untitled, Alabama, 1956 does not officially provide the basis for this group exhibition exploring summertime, but it does the work. Parks’ image of two little girls wearing Sunday dresses and ribbons in their hair, stepping barefoot into a pond, delicately pouring imaginary pond water “tea” for one another, summarizes all the languid possibilities of summer and this show.  Learn more.

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